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Early British Women Folklorists: Virtual Special Issue 4, 2013

Virtual Special Issues of Folklore

Virtual Special Issues are selections of articles from our journal Folklore on various themes, hand picked by our editor, Jessica Hemming.

These articles are free to access by members of The Folklore Society.

Featured Articles in Folklore, about, and by, Early British Women Folklorists

Charlotte Sophia Burne … part 1, by Gillian Bennett & Gordon Ashman, vol. 111/1, 2000

Alice Bertha Gomme (1852-1938): A Reassessment, by Georgina Boyes, vol. 101/2, 1990

Collecting Material Folklore: Motivations and Methods in the Owen and Hasluck Collections, by Alison Brown, vol. 109, 1998

West Sussex Superstitions Lingering in 1868, by Charlotte Latham, Folk-Lore Record 1, 1878

The Collection of English Folklore, by Charlotte Burne, vol. 1/3, 1890

Cinderella, by Marian Roalfe Cox, vol. 18/2, 1907

Further Reading

Charlotte Sophia Burne …part 2, by Gillian Bennett, vol. 112/1, 2001

The Young Charlotte Burne, by John Burne, vol. 86/3-4, 1975

Legends of the Lincolnshire Cars, Part 1, by C. Balfour, vol. 2/2-4, 1891 [Part 2 and Part 3]

Some Simple Methods of Promoting the Study of Folk-Lore …, by Charlotte Burne & J.J. Foster, Folk-Lore Journal 5/1, 1887

The Value of European Folklore in the History of Culture, Presidential Address by Charlotte Burne, vol. 21/1, 1910

The Essential Unity of Folklore, Presidential Address, by Charlotte Burne, vol. 22/1, 1911

Marian Roalfe Cox’s obituary, by Charlotte Burne, vol. 27, 1916

Folklore Scraps from Several Localities, by Alice Gomme, vol. 20/1, 1909

Executed Criminals and Folk Medicine, by Mabel Peacock, vol. 7/3, 1896