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Cryptozoology and Fabulous Beasts: Virtual Special Issue 7, 2016

Virtual Special Issues of Folklore

Virtual Special Issues of Folklore are selections of articles from our journal on specific themes, hand picked by our editor Jessica Hemming, with a podcast introduction by Juliette Wood, and a list of featured articles and further reading. The Articles are all free to download by members of The Folklore Society.

Excerpt from the podcast

Belief in the existence of fabulous and supernatural creatures attracts novelists and scholars, writers and fantasy fans. It is both ubiquitous and timeless, and this Special Issue examines the question posed by Peter Dendle: ‘Why does humanity, as a whole, . . . populate its border spaces with fascinating and sometimes threatening creatures?’ (Dendle 2006, 191).

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Featured Articles from Folklore

Cryptozoology in the Medieval and Modern Worlds, by Peter Dendle, vol. 117/2, 2006

The Origins of ‘Centaurs’, by Alex Scobie, vol. 89/2, 1978

Folklore in Berkshire Churches, by Ellen Ettlinger, vol. 80/1, 1969

Some Fabulous Beasts, by Margaret Robinson, vol. 76/4, 1965

‘Folk-lore of Drayton’ Folk-Lore Journal, vol. 2/1, 1884

Magic, Fascination, and Suggestion, by Joshua Gregory, vol. 63/3, 1952

Images of the Wildman Inside and Outside Europe, by Gregory Forth, vol. 118/3, 2007

Wildmen on the Cyberfrontier: The Computer Geek as an Iteration in the American Wildman Lore Cycle, by Joshua Blu Buhs, vol. 121/1, 2010

Romanian Werewolves: Seasons, Ritual, Cycles, by Harry Senn, vol. 93/2, 1982

Scots Gaelic Tales of Herding Deer or Reindeer, by Arthur Geddes, vol. 62/1, 1951

Appearances of Beasts and Mystery-Cats in France, by Véronique Campion-Vincent, vol. 103/2 1992

Alien Big Cat Sightings in Britain: A Possible Rumour Legend?, by Michael Goss, vol. 103/2, 1992

The Black Dog, by Ethel H. Rudkin, vol. 49/2, 1938

The Black Dog, by Theo Brown, vol. 69/3, 1958

Griffins and Arimaspeans, by Adrienne Mayor and Michael Heaney, vol. 104/1-2, 1993

Fossil Folklore from India: The Siwalik Hills and the Mahâbhârata, by Alexandra Van der Geer, Michael Dermitzakis, and John de Vos, vol. 119/1, 2008

Men, Saints, or Dragons? by David S. Reese, vol. 87/1, 1976