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Food and Drink in Legend and Tradition The Eleventh Legendary Weekend of The Folklore Society

  • 3rd — 4th September 2016
  • St Nick's Environment Centre (formerly York Environment Centre), Rawdon Ave, York YO10 3ST, UK

Food and Drink in Legend and Tradition: The Eleventh Legendary Weekend of The Folklore Society.

3—4 September 2016, at St. Nick’s Environment Centre in York, YO10 3ST

Raise your glasses, please, to the importance of old traditions! Mine’s a Hobgoblin. Has the King of the Bean put out a mince pie for Santa? Four and twenty blackbirds burst out of a fortune cookie as the custard pie went splat! Who ate puppy pie under Painswick Bridge? Probably the witch who stole the milk. Come, butter, come – without a charm in the churn there will be nothing on the hot cross buns. The roast beef of old England is no substitute for Hallaton hare pie and dumb cake at Sweeny Todd’s gingerbread house. Cheese gives you nightmares, so don’t go  nutting; Snow White’s apple will lead to funeral biscuits not wedding cake. With a potato in your pocket, who could fail to win at egg shackling, black pudding throwing and the pancake race? There’s no risk of having to eat humble pie at an oyster feast. Oranges and lemons, say the Maids of Biddenden biscuits; I’ll grind his bones to make my bread, for the cake at the end of the furrow may be a simnel beside the liquorice well. Take it with a pinch of salt, but I’m the gingerbread man. As sure as eggs is eggs.

This two-day conference on Food and Drink in Legend and Tradition will be held on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September 2016 as the eleventh Legendary Weekend of the Folklore Society, at St Nick’s Environment Centre, Rawdon Avenue, York YO10 3ST.

Tickets £50.  I

Jeremy Harte, Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1UF, Tel. +44 (0)20 8394 1734 or Email to: bhallmuseum@gmail.com

Saturday 3rd September
9.30 Registration and coffee

First session
10.00 Robert McDowall, ‘Mead and its Associations’
10.30 Keith Shipton, ‘Sir John Barleycorn – A British Bacchus?’
11.00 Coffee at conference

Second session
11.30 Diana Coles, TBA
12.00 Ingrid Barton, ‘Food for Worms’
12.30 Rose Williamson, ‘Food in Fairytales’
13.00 Break for lunch

Third session
14.30 Rosemary Power, ‘Food and Drink Customs in Iceland’
15.00 Greg McCormick, ‘Pig’s Trotters, Boilies, and the One Day Earlies: Stories from a Geordie Mining Family in the 1920s’
15.30 Ian Russell,‘Beer and Carols: Celebrating Christmas in South Pennine Pubs’
16.00 Tea at conference

Fourth session
17.00 Kit Kapphahn, ‘Sum auenturus þyng an vncouþe tale: Storytelling, Feasting and Narrative in Arthur’s Court’
17.30 James January-McCann, ‘Don’t eat the salmon! Otherworldly Food as a Plot Enabler in the Fenian Cycle’

Sunday 4th September
First session
10.00 Mark Lewis: Eucharistic miracles
10.30 Sue McDowall, ‘Floral Feasts’
11.00 Coffee at conference

Second session
11.30 Ernie Warner,‘The English Pudding’
12.00  Amy Gulick: ‘The Food of St. John’s Eve’

13.00 Break for lunch

Third session
14.00 Caroline Oates: ‘Magic Cheese’
14.30 Amanda Edmiston, ‘Potent Potions’
15.00 Tea