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Cunning Folk: An Introductory Bibliography

— Owen Davies and Lisa Tallis
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Cunning Folk: An Introductory Bibliography

by Owen Davies and Lisa Tallis

FLS Books (2005)


Download the pdf here: Davies & Tallis, Cunning Folk (2005)

Until a century ago cunning-folk were well-known figures in English and Welsh society. These practitioners of popular magic offered to solve a myriad of problems relating to ill health, theft, love and the future. Their significance and role in English and Welsh society in the early modern and modern periods requires much further study. This bibliography aims to direct those with a general interest in the subject to appropriate reading material, and to provide those interested in pursuing further research with a comprehensive guide to sources.

Paperback, 28 pp | London: FLS Books, 2005 | ISBN: 0903515245