Calendar Customs and Seasonal Events

  • 26th — 28th June 2015
  • 13:00—13:15
  • Exeter University, Students' Guild
photos Doc Rowe

“Calendar Customs and Seasonal Events” Conference,  26-28 June 2015, at the University of Exeter, Students' Guild

From New Year's mummers to Xmas carol singing, wassailing to well dressing, Easter eggs to Halloween lanterns, calendar customs and seasonal events mark the rhythm of the year and celebrate festive occasions in many different ways—some old, some new, and all subject to change over time. This conference will look at a variety of customs and traditions associated with the calendar and changing seasons.

Speakers include: Helen Frisby, Prof Nick Groom, Peter Millington, Mark Norman, Bob and Jacqueline Patten, Derek Schofield, and many others.

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The conference fee is £50. To book, please fill in the booking form and post it with your cheque to The Folklore Society, c/o The Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB. Contact if you wish to pay by transfer.