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My Head Leaks – An Exhibition by Alexia Marmara

  • Start date: 19th Nov 2021
  • End date: 15th Jan 2022
  • The Horse Hospital
  • Organiser: Alexia Marmara
  • Website

The Horse Hospital is delighted to announce a new exhibition of drawings and paintings by archivist and researcher Alexia Marmara.

Having spent her formative years hoovering up the dusty and neglected past, she recently started illustrating the sentimental imprint her explorations have left on her through automatic drawings and intuitive painting. Strange figures and sober-eyed imps and players recur and retreat in drawings and paintings that leak from a head long-immersed in scraps and traces of forgotten histories. Marked by countercultures past and present, My Head Leaks is a gathering of personal historical presentism and reasoning with the oddity of narratives at the margins.

“I intuitively have been teaching myself how to paint and draw since Spring 2020 when I started wanting to represent and shed some light on histories that had been cast aside from regular teachings and by putting (unflattering) faces on stories that might have been sidelined. I started feeling frustrated with history being understood factually rather than emotionally and wanted to speak for the sentimental imprints that constant research and fascination have left on me.” – Alexia Marmara

Alexia is the host of the podcast Maestra on Know Wave Radio; her writing, as well as her work as an archivist, has appeared in various publications, including Nice Outfit and Terrible Magazine.