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Anglo-Saxon Pagan Gods. Lecture by Prof. Ronald Hutton

  • Date: 1st Feb 2023
  • Online and in person in central London
  • Organiser: Gresham College
  • Website

‘Anglo-Saxon Pagan Gods’
Gresham College Lecture by Prof. Ronald Hutton
Weds 1 February, 18:00
Online and in person in Central London (venue TBC)
When the Western Roman Empire crumbled, the Anglo-Saxon peoples who occupied Britain brought their own paganism with them. This was Germanic, with a pantheon of deities that included Woden, Thunor, Tiw and Frig. Its temples were wooden structures that leave scant traces in the landscape, but you can find evidence for their beliefs in cemeteries like Sutton Hoo.
This lecture looks at such evidence and at literature such as Beowulf and the history written by the Christian scholar Bede.