New:  Folklore Society Non-Print Media Award

We are pleased to call for entries for our newly established “Non-print Media Award”, a biennial prize of £150 for a non-print media publication (CD/DVD) on folklore. Eligible entries must be in English language, and published in the UK or…

The Katharine Briggs Award 2013

We are delighted to announce that The Katharine Briggs Award 2013 was won by Karl Bell for his book The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack: Victorian Urban Folklore and Popular Cultures, published by The Boydell Press. Congratulations Karl.


Canziani Bursary 2013

We are delighted to announce that the Estella Canziani Post-graduate Bursary for Research was awarded to Sara Marzagora towards her research into “Postcolonial Folklore in Contemporary Ethiopia.”

The Full English

EFDSS launched this amazing new digital archive of folk song and related material, including The Folklore Society's Ordish collection of folk play texts collected by Thomas Fairman Ordish: take a look here.

The Coote Lake Medal for Research

Prof Patricia Lysaght, who edited our journal 'Folklore' from 2004-2012, was awarded The Coote Lake Medal for Research during our Urban Folklore conference at Cardiff University on 20 April. Congratulations!

The Folklore Society Library

We keep a small reference collection of about 1,000 essential books and our old card catalogue at our Folklore Society (FLS) office at the Warburg Institute. To come and look at these, contact the FLS librarian. FLS Library staff work…