Officers and Committee

The Folklore Society Ltd is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. The day-to-day activities and decisions are the responsibility of the Folklore Society Committee and Officers.


  • Dr Marion Bowman
  • Prof. James H. Grayson
  • Dr Jessica Hemming
  • Prof. Patricia Lysaght MRIA
  • Mr Robert McDowall
  • Dr Raphaële Mouren
  • Mr William Roberts
  • Mr John Willmott
  • Dr Juliette Wood

Officers, 2015-2016

  • President: Prof. James H. Grayson
  • Vice President: Mr Robert McDowall
  • Secretary: Mr William Roberts
  • Honorary Treasurer: Mr John M. Willmott
  • Honorary Librarian: Dr Raphaële Mouren
  • Honorary Vice-President: Dr Venetia Newall
  • Editor of Folklore: Dr Jessica Hemming

Committee Members, 2015-2016

  • Dr Marion Bowman
  • Dr Matthew Cheeseman
  • Dr Paul Cowdell
  • Dr Oliver Douglas
  • Dr Helen Frisby
  • James H. Grayson
  • Mr Jeremy Harte
  • Dr Jessica Hemming
  • Dr David Hopkin
  • Prof. Patricia Lysaght
  • Robert McDowall
  • Dr Raphaële Mouren
  • Mr Mark Norman
  • Mr David Palliser
  • Mr William Roberts
  • Dr 'Doc' Rowe
  • Prof. Ian Russell
  • Prof. W.F. Ryan
  • Mr John Willmott
  • Dr Juliette Wood

Editor of FLS News: Dr Jacqueline Simpson