Council and Management Board

The Folklore Society Ltd is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. The day-to-day activities and decisions are the responsibility of the Folklore Society Council and Management Board.


Dr Marion Bowman
Dr Matthew Cheeseman
Dr Paul Cowdell
Dr Oliver Douglas
Dr Helen Frisby
James H. Grayson
Mr Jeremy Harte
Dr Jessica Hemming
Dr David Hopkin
Prof. Patricia Lysaght
Robert McDowall
Dr Raphaële Mouren (Honorary Librarian)
Mr Mark Norman
Mr David Palliser
Mr William Roberts
Dr 'Doc' Rowe
Prof. Ian Russell
Prof. W.F. Ryan
Mr John Willmott
Dr Juliette Wood

Editor of Folklore: Dr Jessica Hemming

Editor of FLS News: Dr Jacqueline Simpson

Honorary Vice-President: Dr Venetia Newall

Trustees and Directors of The Folklore Society Ltd 

  • President: Prof. James H. Grayson
  • Vice President: Mr Robert McDowall
  • Secretary: Mr William Roberts
  • Honorary Treasurer: Mr John M. Willmott
  • Honorary Librarian: Dr Raphaële Mouren



Directors of Folklore Enterprises